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Depending on the age of your students and your school district’s privacy policies, students may not be able to post their own names. Especially with younger students, protecting privacy is an important part of safety. The important thing is sharing the content, not the students’ identity. Even while remaining anonymous, students can learn how to build their networks and respond to their audience.

Tagging Blog Posts

One way to use the technology to become more visible is by tagging your blog posts. You have probably seen tags at the end of other blog posts as you have been reading them in Google Reader. They usually appear at the end of a blog post like this:

Tagged learning, education

Tags make it easier for people to find your posts and let them know at a glance what they’re about. You can search for tags on Technorati, which aggregates from blogs on any platform, or on Wordpress, which only shows tagged posts hosted by

Read Post Tags or Categories vs. Tags for more information on adding tags in Wordpress.

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