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For an example of what being clickable means, go to Google or any search engine and type the word “will” (without quotes). Where is Will Richardson, the author of our textbook, listed? After any commercial listings, what number result is he? (When this course was originally developed, he was usually number 3 or 4.) Try searching for the common name "Beth" and look for non-profit blogger Beth Kanter in the search results.

For comparison, search for your own name (first and last). Because you have been blogging for several weeks, you should have some online presence. However, if you have a common name, you may not see yourself right away. Not counting paid listings, how far down the list do you have to go before you find your own name? Are you listed in the first page of results? What if you search for just your first name? And what does this mean in terms of your ability to grow your network?

Most people (including students) rely on the first page of results when using search engines to find information. How easy are you to find?

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