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Key Information

keyIn Chapter 9, Richardson outlines ten “Big Shifts” in education. These are the fundamental changes in education affecting the very nature of knowledge, learning, and teaching.

  1. Open Content
  2. Many, Many Teachers, and 24/7 Learning
  3. The Social, Collaborative Construction of Meaningful Knowledge
  4. Teaching is Conversation, Not Lecture
  5. Know “Where” Learning
  6. Readers Are No Longer Just Readers
  7. The Web as Notebook
  8. Writing Is No Longer Limited to Text
  9. Mastery Is the Product, Not the Test
  10. Contribution, Not Completion, as the Ultimate Goal

Richardson, W. (2006). Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.