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Throwing papers in the airIf you could make your classroom completely paperless, would you? What would be the advantages of such a teaching practice? How would your students be challenged, and how would you be challenged? How would learning change if your classroom were paperless?

"The point isn't to create a paperless class just for the sake of having a paperless class," said Awn. "The goal of this course is to test the limits, and see how we can bring together both the traditional learning and the online elements available in higher education. This is the wave of the future in the classroom--not substituting one for the other, but bringing together both."


Beshkin, A. (2000, November 20). General studies offers a paperless undergraduate class. Retrieved July 24, 2007, from Columbia University, Columbia University Record Web site:


Read the rest of the article from which the above quote (in the green box) is taken. Although this article describes a university course, the ideas could be applied in a K-12 classroom as well.

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